Painted Earth stocks paints from Porter’s, Murobond, Haymes and Feast Watsons. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide range of more sustainable and environmentally-friendly paint options. 



Our low VOC acrylic paints are perfect if you are looking for consistent, even colour on your walls, trims or ceilings. Low VOC natural paints are a beautiful way to bring character into your home.

Ultra Flat – a lovely chalky, matte finish that works well in bedrooms and living areas.

Low Sheen – the ideal paint for bathrooms or wet areas due to it’s washability.

Aqua Satin Enamel – a water-based enamel perfect for doors and trims.

Aqua Gloss Enamel – a glossy water-based enamel suitable for trims and furniture.

Limew Wash – get an instantly aged look with this chalky finish. It can be used internally or externally,



Aged Zinc – Copper and Patina Green – Chalk Paint – Concrete Wash – Crackle – French Wash – Fresco (Venetian Polished Plaster) – Iron and Rust – Liquid Tin – Micaceous Iron Oxide – Pearlized Paints – Palm Beach Black/White – Stainless Steel – Water based Enamels – Water based Sealers – Stucco Wax – Bees Wax – Black Antique Wax – Wood Wash – Omega Brushes – Wooster Brushes – Muslin Gauze – Bulova Furniture Brushes – French Linen Aprons – Italian Trowels



We have a diverse range of wallapapers available by order, including grassweaves, hand-printed, vinyl and textured. Just some of the designer’s we stock include:

Catherine Martin – Greg Natale – Anna Spiro – Collette Dinnigan – James Dunlop – Mokum – Porter’s Paints – Vision

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